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St. George's Anglican Church

Happy 150th birthday St. George's

St. George's Anglican Church, Georgeville, will be 150 years old this August.  This beautiful historic church is recognized for its architectural and historic distinction as well as its vital contribution to the unique character of our village and, following 150 years of continuous service to the community, it was showing signs of fatigue! On the occasion of this 150th anniversary, the Quebec Religious Heritage Foundation funded by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications responded to our request for help to restore the building. With the support of our generous donors and the Quebec Government, we are now able leave our beautiful church in good shape for our congregations for many years to come.
To celebrate this anniversary and the extensive renovation just completed, there will be a service of thanksgiving at 10am on Sunday, August 28th, followed by a reception in the Community Association Hall. The Most Reverent Fred Holtz, the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, was to have been the celebrant and preacher at this service but unfortunately has had to postpone his visit until later in the Fall.  He had made a commitment to the ex bishop of Calgary that he would preside over his funeral when he died and the funeral will be on the 27th in Calgary.  The service will go on as planned and the Right Reverent Bruce Myers, the bishop elect of the diocese of Quebec, will take his place.  The music will be led by Sarah Hoblyn at the organ with 20 members of the Georgeville Occasional Choir and the anthem during the offertory will be the (appropriate) Old Time Religious Medley by Mark Hayes.
This will be a wonderful opportunity to give thanks for 150 years of worship in this church and the renovation. With the support of our generous donors and the Quebec Government, we are now able to leave our beautiful church in good shape for our congregations and the people of Georgeville for many years to come.
All are welcome to this service and reception.


Le Vieux Forgeron

Vernissage Saturday August 20 from 5-7. Lizabeth Laroche ‘Gayatri’  (painting) and Tanya McIntyre ‘Botany of Dreams: Works of Vision and Voice’ (mixed media and poetry).  August 18-Sept 4. Vieux Forgeron Art Gallery, 240a Dufferin, Stanstead.  Thurs-Sun 11-6.


Dialogues avec l’arbre, l’eau, la terre & le ciel / Dialogues with Trees, Water, Earth and Sky

Le Studio Georgeville présente / Studio Georgeville presents
Dialogues avec l’arbre, l’eau, la terre & le ciel
Dialogues with Trees, Water, Earth and Sky
2 au 28 août 2016 / August 2nd - 28th, 2016
Vernissage samedi 6 août de 15 h à 17 h / Saturday, August 6th, 3 to 5 p.m.
Nathalie Bandulet
    Lew Yung-Chien
Lorna Mulligan
Dominique Gagnon
Du 2 au 28 août 2016, Nathalie Bandulet, Lew Yung-Chien, Dominique Gagnon et Lorna Mulligan présenteront leur interprétation des liens qui nous unissent aux éléments fondamentaux de notre environnement : les arbres, l’eau, la terre et l’air. Nathalie Bandulet dialogue avec les arbres (œuvres environnementales), Lew Yung-Chien avec l’eau (photographies), Dominique Gagnon avec les arbres, l’eau et la vie terrestre en général (aquarelle) et Lorna Mulligan avec la terre, l’eau et l’air (techniques mixtes).
From August 2nd to the 28th, 2016, artists Nathalie Bandulet, Lew Yung-Chien, Dominique Gagnon and Lorna Mulligan will present their interpretations of the ties that bind us to the fundamental elements of our environment: the trees, water, earth and sky. Nathalie Bandulet’s pieces represents a dialogue with trees (environmental works), Lew Yung-Chien with water (photographs), Dominique Gagnon with trees, water and terrestrial life in general (watercolour) and Lorna Mulligan with the earth, water and sky (mixed media).


Le Marché agricole / Farmers' Market

Studio Georgeville présente / presents:

Marché Agricole
Farmers' Market

Samedi 10 h - 12 h / Saturday 10 a.m. -12 p.m.

Le marché commence le 2 juillet et continue jusqu'a l'Action de grâces.

The market begins on July 2 and continues until Thanksgiving weekend.

Carré Copp, Georgeville, QC


Le Café du Samedi / the Saturday Café

présente / presents

Le café du samedi au Studio 

Saturday Morning Coffee at the Studio

Studio Georgeville
20 Carré Copp,
  Georgeville, QC   


Maintenant de 9:30 à midi...
Le populaire café du samedi est de retour au Studio Georgeville, avec son délicieux café espresso et ses brioches du jour. Venez lire le journal en sirotant un bon café, et rencontrer vos voisins.
Nous vous attendons en grand nombre!

Now, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon...
The ever-popular café is back, with coffee and baked goods, at Studio Georgeville. Come and read the paper, have a coffee and snack and visit with other villagers.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Objectifs de favoriser l’intégration sociale -- Available to people with disabilities

Infolettre Canton Stanstead

Savez-vous que la municipalité peut vous offrir une aide pour le transport adapté. Le transport a pour objectifs de favoriser l’intégration sociale, scolaire et professionnelle des personnes

handicapées. Il vise à offrir à celles-ci un degré de mobilité et d’autonomie.

· Une personne handicapée avec une déficience significative et persistante et à être limitée dans l’accomplissement des activités normales.
· Avoir sur le plan de la mobilité des limitations; incapacité de s’orienter dans le temps ou dans l’espace, de communiquer de façon verbale ou gestuelle ou bien d’être incapable de maitriser des situations ou des comportements pouvant être préjudiciables à sa propre sécurité ou celle des autres.

Faire votre demande avant le 20 février 2015 auprès
d’Hélène Hamel, agente de développement communautaire au
(819) 876-2948 poste 228 ou

Did you know that the municipality can help you with paratransit services? Available to people with disabilities, this service helps reduce problems of isolation and gives a connection to educational and professional opportunities. It’s aim is to offer a degree of mobility and independence.

Admission criteria
• A disabled person with a significant and persistent who’s disability and be limited in performing normal activities.
• In terms of mobility limitations: inability to move in time or space, inability to communicate verbally or with gestures; unable to master situations or behavior that could compromise their own safety or that of others.

Put in your request before February 20th 2015. Ask for Mrs. Hélène Hamel, Community Development Agent
at: (819) 876-2948 ext. 228 or


© 2015 Municipalité Canton de Stanstead,.
Adresse civique:
Municipalité Canton de Stanstead
778 Chemin Sheldon, Stanstead, QC, Canada
Stanstead, QC J1X 3W4


Georgeville - Upcoming Events / Événements à Venir

 Saturday, July 2, 1 p.m.

Georgeville Canada Day Parade
Have a great idea for a float? Let imagination and creativity show off your national pride as we celebrate Canada's 149th birthday in this year's Parade!
If you would like to enter a float or would like to work on a float for this year's Parade please contact, Hugh Scott at 819-416-0583, by June 15.

Association communautaire de Georgeville 
 Un site web est en construction. Vous pouvez déjà voir les événements à venir.

Vérifiez-le! Bookmark et revenez souvent.

Community Association of GeorgevilleA website is under construction.  You can already see upcoming events.



Les Amis de Fitch Bay

L'association communautaire Les Amis de Fitch Bay fait peau neuve et change de nom pour l’ACCS (Action communautaire du Canton de Stanstead).
L’ACCS vous invite à joindre gratuitement ses rangs pour contribuer avec les membres de votre communauté à bonifier les activités sociales et  communautaires qui s’y tiennent. Joignez-vous y pour rester informé ou vous impliquer selon votre disponibilité et vos intérêts.
Parce qu’ensemble nous pourons bien davantage !
Inscrivez-vous en ligne au   ou demande en envoyant un courriel à

The community association Les Amis de Fitch Bay has had a facelift and changed its name to the ACCS (Community Action Canton de Stanstead).
The ACCS invites you to become a member of the association for free and to participate in social and community activities in Stanstead Township. Join ACCS to be kept informed or get involved depending on your availability and interest.
Because together we can do more!
Register online at   or request by sending a e-mail to


CAL de Magog Québec Enfants - Magog playgroup

 Playgroup Magog

Magog playgroup is for parents with children aged birth to school age. At playgroup, they spend relaxed time with their children making friends and support networks. Meanwhile children develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, as they discover new experiences, gain self-confidence and make new friends too.

Every Wednesday morning you have the chance to join us at Princess Elizabeth Elementary school from 9h30am to 11h00am. (Daycare room)
Special activites, craft, guest, games, cooking and more..
Healtlhy snack and story with Milky.

For more information:
Dominique Roy (responsable)